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Modern Software for Subcontractor Certificates

See immediately which subcontractor certificates have been uploaded, which are expiring soon, and which are missing.

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Kraemer Bau HERY GmbH Maussbau Apoprojekt AVIO TSE Hanseland Sicherheit MBM Baustellenlogistik RTS Dienstleistungen Bedachungen Schmidt
Kraemer Bau HERY GmbH Maussbau Apoprojekt AVIO TSE Hanseland Sicherheit MBM Baustellenlogistik RTS Dienstleistungen Bedachungen Schmidt

Tired of Tedious Maintenance of Subcontractor Certificates?

Save time with easy subcontractor document management - our user-friendly software makes it simple.

Subcontractor Documents
Automatic checks for the validity of subcontractor certificates
Company Hierarchy
Clear structuring of all subcontractors with a traffic light system
Automatic email notifications for missing and expired documents
Krämer Bau
“Bausicht’s traffic light system makes my work clearer and easier. It never lets me down to ensure that all our certificates are complete and up-to-date. And the best part is that it’s super easy to use. No complicated training required!”
Nadine Widmann
Assistant Site Manager

How It Works

Our standalone module provides user-friendly software for subcontractor document management on your construction sites.
Determine Required Documents

Determine Required Documents

Specify the required certificates depending on the construction site and subcontractor.

Invite Subcontractors for Free

Invite Subcontractors for Free

Subcontractors can sign up for free and conveniently upload the required certificates in their profiles.

Instant Notifications

Instant Notifications

You and your subcontractors will receive automatic notifications about missing, expiring, or already uploaded subcontractor documents.

View Document History Anytime

View Document History Anytime

If you need to access the document history of your subcontractors, you can do so at any time.

Automatic fraud prevention

With a click in our software, subcontractor certificates can be confirmed or requested again in case of deficiencies. This ensures their validity.

checkmark No unsuitable or incomplete certificates
checkmark No looming payment stoppage
checkmark No extensive communication with subcontractors
Easy Communication Thanks to

Easy Communication Thanks to Quick Uploads

Our user-friendly interface makes it easy for subcontractors to upload documents and be informed about problems or expirations. Additionally, our software offers the option to manage subcontractors externally and upload their documents if subcontractors are unable to do so themselves.

checkmark Employees and subcontractors can self-manage
checkmark Transfer of uploaded certificates to other construction sites possible
checkmark Saves time and costs

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Got Questions? We Have Answers.

We've listed the most frequently asked questions for you.

What happens when a document expires or is missing?

Our system sends an automatic notification to the subcontractor or employee when a document expires or is missing. They can then upload the missing or expired document independently.

Can I set exceptions for some subcontractors?

Yes, different subcontractors can be required to provide different documents. This is also relevant, for example, when subcontractors are registered with different professional associations and social insurance funds.

Which subcontractor certificates do I need?

This depends on various factors. For a comprehensive explanation, we recommend that you try to determine this depending on your construction site.

Is the module compatible with an access control system?

Our subcontractor document management is compatible with access control systems to ensure maximum security on the construction site. Click here to learn more.

How much does the subcontractor certificate software cost?

The cost of our module depends on the needs and requirements of your company. For a tailored quote, please contact us through the following link, and we will get back to you shortly.

How does the digital minimum wage declaration work?

Minimum wage declarations can be signed on paper and uploaded or digitally and legally signed on a tablet. Subcontractors are reminded in advance to sign again.

Goodbye Paper Chaos. Hello Bausicht.

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